Experts in the field of positive psychology

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ICEP Europe’s tutors are international experts in the field of positive psychology.

Hope and optimism are essential components of emotional wellbeing and resilience and also powerful antidotes to depression, anxiety and helplessness. The good news from researchers in the field of positive psychology is that an optimistic explanatory style is not just a personality trait; it is a skill which can be taught and learned. Hope can also be learned; it is one of the pathways to wellbeing; it is related to our beliefs and goals for the future, it flows from one person to another and has a positive ripple effect on how we see the world and pursue our goals. Both hope and optimism are correlated with learning, achievement, positive relationships, health and satisfaction with life and wellbeing.

Hope is not just a wish or aspiration it is a directed activity – learn about pathways to achieving your dreams and the research behind hope, learn how to impart this knowledge to the students who need it the most.

Creativity is an essential life skills however with technology are we in danger of losing it – what can you do to boost your own creativity and  inspire creativity in others?

Our positive psychology series are inspiring and innovative and can help support you and boost your own resilience in the everyday classroom.

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