Gender equality still a prevalent issue today

11 Oct 2019
ICEPE Europe
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Gender equality still a prevalent issue today

Today is the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child.


This day focuses on the need to acknowledge and resolve the challenges girls face in achieving equality and promoting female empowerment. Fulfilment of young girls’ right to an education and a safe, healthy life during their early years and throughout adolescence is important. Promoting gender equality plays a critical role in ensuring girls’ potential to change the course of major world issues. As such, the United Nations General Assembly considers this investment in adolescence girls one that promises ‘a more equitable and prosperous future, one in which half of humanity is an equal partner’. Their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development embodies realistic progress to break down barriers posed by stereotypes, ensuring the inclusion of all children.


At the heart of the International Day of the Girl Child lies the message that gender equality is still a prevalent issue that must be addressed.


With the ‘Embrace Equality’ conference quickly approaching on the 24th of October, we at ICEP Europe think it is important to touch on today’s date and the significance it holds. Our ‘Embrace Equality’ conference will present findings that emphasize the importance of gender equality, providing learning resources aimed at reducing gender-based violence in school children. This research encapsulates the stance that female empowerment is integral to a future that leaves no one behind, a parallel with International Day of the Girl Child.


If you are interested in attending the conference you can register for the event here.
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