What is Giving you Hope

Hope has been more important than ever over the last few challenging years.   We asked you last month what was giving you hope and we got some lovely answers, which we’ve shared below!

I think the fact that I feel I have evolved so well after two long years of the pandemic and I have been able to work in the preschool without taking any break, feel like a frontline worker as we worked even when everything else was closed. This has no doubt given me a huge amount of confidence. And now that with vaccination and things becoming better...I can only say that we not only survived it but we also ensured the kids had an eventful, enjoyable and lively time at school blissfully untouched by the pain and fear Covid would have given to the parents and adults in all families !!

Sowmiya Aravind

"The smiles on my student's faces, each day gives me hope to overcome obstacles which this year is bringing. Being a special education teacher is quite challenging and this pandemic is not helping at all. Juggling between the Online Masters in Special and Additional Leaning needs and fulltime work can be tiring and stressful but applying what I have learned from the modules is helping me a lot. Thanks for this opportunity!"       

Keith Buttigieg

"Hope... everyday as I wake up, the breath of fresh air brings in hope for a new dawn. The new dawn bringing in small ,one step progress in my little learners life brings in hope. New learning opportunities for me gives me hope and now this competition gives me hope again."

Labet James

"The thing giving me hope is that humanity can survive now because we are well aware about coronavirus now."

Almas Kazmi

"I think it’s the fact that my kids in my class are just so positive! We try very hard to remain focused on what is good in our lives and to acknowledge that even though things might not be the way we would like them to be, we can still keep moving forward."

Julie Carroll

"Kids!! They are unreal in schools! Getting up, coming in, doing their work every day as if nothing had ever happened. They are all kinds of wonderful."

Orla Keane

"I survived the last two years and I'm now aware I'm capable of more than I ever dreamt of."

Aisling Raftery

"I show my students the first snowdrops, because snowdrops stir hope in me that beautiful things can spring from challenging times."

Eveline Santing

"The support and kindness of people"

Niamh Culleton

"My students have filled me with hope. They are aspiring teachers who have surmounted countless challenges to continue their education during this pandemic. And even as they contend with the odds, they have generously loved and cared for each other.
For example, one of my students was struggling financially because her mother lost her job in 2020. A few of her classmates learnt of this and privately fundraised to assist her with food and a digital device. Because of their help, she will complete her studies this May. This show of kindness and selflessness has truly awed me.
Another student lost her mother last year. Still, she is polite, thoughtful, and demonstrative. She has not allowed her grief to consume and sully her. She perseveres and continues to excel - all deeply inspiring triumphs.
On occasions, I have also thought of resigning from teaching, but each time I witness my students' incredible growth - academic, social, and emotional - I am reminded of my purpose and my passion: to teach, inspire and change lives.
So, daily, I press on, buoyed by my students' potential contributions to the world at large and their remarkable ability to survive and thrive. I have all confidence they will become competent and compassionate educators. This gives me hope for a better education system and a kinder world."

Shawna Kay Williams-Pinnock


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