The Life of an Online Masters Student

The Life of an Online Masters Student

Studying for a Masters online is not to be taken lightly! However, the rewards are huge. I have found this course to be inspiring and motivating, imparting considerable and practical knowledge that can be applied and practised in the classroom.

As a secondary Geography teacher who sees immense value in continuous professional development, the opportunity to study further became available when I decided that I needed to take an extended maternity leave after the birth of my second child. As a mother to a child with autism and someone who also has a professional interest in special needs, I knew what I wanted to complete a postgraduate qualification in. I have had a passion and desire to extend my knowledge of special needs ever since completing my PGCE, with the aim to provide the best possible environment and the most up-to-date teaching methods, to ensure those with SEN receive a high-quality education and support to help them learn.

I knew that like most mums, going to university on a regular basis was not for me! I am highly organised and motivated and upon finding the MA in Special and Additional Learning Needs with UEL and ICEP, I knew that this was the course. The option to study online was considerably convenient, the module choices are wide-ranging and you can tailor them to your own interests. I have truly enjoyed all of the modules I have completed, but on a personal level, I enjoyed the Autism module the most. It was fascinating and hugely insightful, especially with the knowledge it has provided me with regards to my son’s condition. I also enjoyed the Understanding Behaviour module and found exploring restorative practices highly interesting. This is certainly an approach I intend to apply and develop when I return to the classroom. I am now working on my dissertation which has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to explore a topic that I want to find out more about.

To get the most out of this course you need two things, time and motivation. I hugely admire many of my peers on the course who are working full time and completing their Masters! For me personally I ensure that on the days my daughter is at nursery, I dedicate my time and attention to studying. The course offers great flexibility with regards to studying the material and responding to learning activities. Tutors are available in evenings and weekends and are easily contactable. I have had phone conversations of well over an hour with my current tutor, highlighting their commitment and dedication to help you succeed.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to pursue a qualification in special needs and has the motivation, time and commitment to pursue this in their own time. I am very much looking forward to eventually returning to the classroom and applying many of the skills and techniques learned on this course and hope to one day lead a school’s Inclusion department. 

Laura Hawxwell, current MA Student.

If you are interested in our Masters in Special & Additional Learning Needs, which we run in partnership with the University of East London, you can find out more here

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